The most anticipated movies and exciting series from the world's studios in HD quality
More than 200 TV channels for every taste without commercials
Extensive archive of programs for 14 days
View content simultaneously on up to 5 devices in 1 profile
Access via Smart TV (LG, Samsung, Android TV), TV Box, Mobile apps: iOS, Android

Atlant TV — your personal guide to the world of movies and TV

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Unlock a new level of movie and TV viewing experience
More than 200 TV channels
Access to a variety of TV channels for all tastes: main federal and news, entertainment, sports, educational, children's, music and others.
Transmission Archive
Thanks to the program archive function, you can watch missed programs at any convenient time. Recordings are made automatically and stored for up to 14 days.
Instant access to premieres
Our subscribers are always in the center of events! AtlantTV provides access to new movies and new episodes of your favorite TV series instantly after their release.
High quality picture and sound
Multi-platform compatibility
The app supports high quality picture and audio, making the viewing experience as comfortable and immersive as possible.
Watch your favorite content with the whole family on different devices - smartphone, tablet, PC and Smart TV. AtlantTV allows you to connect up to 5 devices in 1 profile.
Movies and TV series with the possibility to watch without commercials
Subscribe and enjoy content without annoying interruptions.
Ease of use
The application is designed with the user experience in mind. The intuitive interface makes searching and navigation simple and easy.
Setting up parental controls
Use the parental control settings to control the restriction of access to certain content.
Movies and TV in your native language anywhere in the world
AtlantTV is a leading TV and movie platform that provides access to an extensive range of national TV channels, as well as an impressive library of movies and series from popular video services.

Enjoy your favorite movies, cartoons and programs in Russian and other languages anywhere in the world.

Discover a unique world of entertainment where the variety of content meets your desires and the convenience of viewing meets your lifestyle.
AtlantTV is your perfect companion in the world of movies and television. Don't miss the opportunity to make your viewing experience as convenient and exciting as possible.
Immerse yourself in entertainment right now!
also look for us at LG, Samsung, Android TV
Infinite Entertainment
from AtlantTV
More than 200 TV channels of various subjects for every taste in live and in the archive. Connect to AtlantTV right now and immerse yourself in the world of incredible experiences!
also look for us at LG, Samsung, Android TV
AtlantTV is available on your favorite devices
Watch your favorite shows and movies anywhere and anytime. AtlantTV supports multiple devices - from your TV to your smartphone.
Connect the whole family and watch content in HD and 4K quality on up to 5 devices simultaneously.
Smartphones and tablets
also look for us at LG, Samsung, Android TV
Download the AtlantTV app for IOS and Android devices.
Find the AtlantTV app on your Smart TV.
The app is available on Smart TVs (LG, Samsung) and Android TVs in the recommended apps section and in the app store.
Computers and laptops
Get instant access to AtlantTV from any device right in your browser. The Web-application supports broadcasting of all channels included in the AtlantTV package, as well as provides access to the archive, movies and series in video libraries.
Enter your authorization code and enjoy your favorite shows right in your browser.
TV Box
Watch AtlantTV through a branded set-top box.
Simply connect the set-top box to your TV and enjoy your favorite shows, movies and programs.
Our advanced technologies and ease of use make the process of watching your favorite channels and movies as comfortable as possible.
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